About SlimSurveys

SlimSurveys is a micro-survey platform. We help people improve survey completion and abandonment rates with surveys that can be completed in 30 seconds or less.

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Our Story

SlimSurveys founders Daniel Marashlian and Rodney Rumford launched TweetPhoto in 2009, a real-time photo sharing platform for mobile devices, growing the company to 30 million monthly users while working with over 1,500 developer partners.

Over the years they've used lots of survey tools on the market to conduct research and collect feedback. Coming from the world of social media they noticed a problem that every survey tool they used didn't put constraints into the survey creation process, like Twitter does with the 140 character tweet. Without limitations, it effectively allows for the survey creator to build an unnecessarily long, and ofter times confusing, survey that people don't enjoy taking and frequently abandon before completing it.

Early in 2013 the team set out to solve this problem by building a micro-survey platform from the perspective of the survey respondent. Their goal is to create a new survey experience where the survey is fun, engaging and can be completed in 30 seconds or less on any device. Come join our team!

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